Genuine Night Armour Vs Imitation Products

There is no such thing as a ‘CREE LED Light Bar’

CREE is the leading manufacturer for high-intensity diodes. CREE is based in the United States, and much to everyone’s surprise, they do not make or manufacture led light bars or driving lights.

And the make things worse, there are FAKE CREE diodes now! That’s correct, the Chinese have cut costs is the least imaginative way possible – the diode.

For decades, the Chinese have been making fake designer clothing, phones and even a Rolls Royce. Now they have made fake/replica CREE didoes.

They look almost the same to the untrained eye, but the majority of Chinese manufacturers build their products to a price and the mention of cutting costs will always prick their ears!

You can be sure of one thing. If it sounds too good to be true, it absolutely is.

Warranty – It’s no good if the service department doesn’t speak English!

If the manufacturer is only going to warrant their product for 12 months, you can doubt very much the reseller is going to back the product much longer. Steer clear if the product is backed with a pathetic warranty and a hard to find warranty policy.

Well-designed products will actually last the quoted time. Most people don’t even have the vehicle or machine as long as the product will last. Plenty of variables come into play when it comes to product lasting. Circuit component quality, seal and ingress integrity and of course the quality of the printed circuits and traces will play a vital role in the longevity of a LED light.

Remember, LED products are generally NOT serviceable. Once a component fails, you’ll want to be near a bin. Ensure you choose a quality, tested product and have it backed by a decent local warranty (5 years as a minimum).

Fake Vs Genuine CREE Diodes

I’m Glad You Asked..

“How can one product cost $39 and something similar looking cost over $1000?”

Not all products are created equal. Like most things today, there is a massive variation between the cheaper and top tier products. Every element of the process in low-end products has been rushed and built to a price, where the goal is cost-effective mass production. Quality control measures are super lenient, the product failure rate is astronomical and worst of all, the product is barely has enough power to shoot past your high beams!

We aren’t saying you need to pay $1000 or more to get something that works for you. The message here is simple, you do get what you pay for! Refrain from buying garbage and invest in something that will last the test of time.

Ok, so how does it perform?

The most important variable. Performance.

You have to work back from here. The performance is the result of proper design, engineering and manufacturing. It’s doomed from the start when little care and design is implemented into the manufacturing process – you will receive horrible performance.

Only a small amount of time, effort and care is required to make a product sensational, however, this takes time and money. Let the image below say 1000 words.

The ‘generic’ bar tested will remain unnamed. However, they are a reputable brand with a high retail price. We will let you decide.

Night Armour Velocity DR20C Vs Generic

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